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What's Included

With our 4-star all-inclusive tour packages, you get to take your mind off of planning your trip while we handle all the details of your tour. The key to a relaxing and carefree vacation lies in the details. Sit back and let us wine and dine you as you explore Europe with the best local guides. We have thought about all aspects of your journey, so you don’t have to.


You will sleep soundly at our 4-star, first-class accommodations as our logistics staff works full time to arrange pre-check in for our groups, allowing you to head straight to your room after arrival.
A full continental breakfast gives you insight into what locals would typically eat in the morning. If you still have it in you, hit the gym after dinner or take a quick swim before enjoying a nightcap at the bar.


Our 4-star all-inclusive tours include all meals starting with first night’s dinner through breakfast on the last day. Cut out the time and hassle of searching on your own and rely on our experience arranging meals that give you the highlights of local cuisines. Breakfasts are delicious and authentic, while the 2-3 course lunches and dinners are a mix of buffets and limited menu dining options.

Unlimited non-alcoholic beverages

You can enjoy as much soda, juice, tea, and coffee as you want with every meal without racking up an unexpected bill. Our 4-star all-inclusive tour packages include unlimited refills on all non- alcoholic beverages, so you can bypass the European custom of no refills.

Welcome drink and tour orientation

First time to Europe, new to our tours, or traveling solo? A welcome drink and orientation before your first dinner will give you the chance to get your bearings, learn about what lies ahead on your journey and start getting to know your fellow travelers, initiating the camaraderie and friendship that characterizes our tours.

1 glass of beer/wine at lunch and dinner

Lunches and dinners offer a chance to taste some of the local specialties. Whether it’s a unique brew or a renown merlot that floats your boat, the 4-star all-inclusive tour packages make sampling a breeze.

Airport transfers on first and last day of tour

Relax after a long flight and ease your mind knowing that your tour manager will meet you at the airport on the first day of your tour, avoiding extra navigating and expensive taxi fares. No matter how early your departure flight is, we will arrange your included transfer and see you off after a great tour.

High quality motor coach transportation

Ride in style in our high quality motor coaches complete with climate control, multi-media entertainment, extra leg room and free internet connection. Our skilled professional drivers maximize your tour time by navigating the busiest highways and tightest country lanes, giving you more time at sites and less time subjected to the inflexible scheduling, delays, and crowded areas that accompany public transport.

Online access to personalized My Trip account

My Trip is your one-stop destination for all of your tour documents you can access online anytime, from any device. A short “to-do list” with clearly defined deadlines guides you through tour preparation and provides a place for you to relay vital tour information to us while keeping personal information, such as flight itineraries and passports, secure and private. The “tour documents” section is your online tour packet with everything you’ll need before you go, from a list of recommended reading right down to a packing list.

All taxes and credit card fees

There are no hidden costs with Beyond Band of Brothers Tours. Your tour price (plus single supplement for solo travelers) is the final amount you pay for the tour. We absorb all taxes and credit card fees that would otherwise amount to several hundred dollars.

Local expert tour guides

Our handpicked, trusted local guides are fluent English-speakers and expert historians, who deliver their impressive wealth of knowledge, anecdotes, and local insights with skill that shows their years of research and experience. They always address topics onsite so that you get to experience history where it happened as they guide you to both popular destinations and obscure locations only the locals would know.

All museum admissions

Don’t worry about availability, wait times, or ticket costs as all museum and site admissions are pre-arranged and covered in the cost of our all-inclusive tours.

24/7 tour manager

Our dynamic, knowledgeable tour managers are with you from airport arrival to departure, proactively smoothing the way for your whole tour experience at hotels, dining locations, tour sites, and on the bus as you travel from place to place. Their expertise and language skills equip them to give you insider information at the places you visit, stay alert and proactive about the safety and needs of individuals, and bring travelers of all ages together to make the tour group feel like family.
Their expertise and language skills equip them to give you insider information at the places you visit, stay alert and proactive about the safety and needs of individuals, and bring travelers of all ages together to make the tour group feel like family.

Free Wi-fi on bus and at hotels

For those who want to stay connected, our 4-star all-inclusive tour packages offer free Wi-fi on our buses in Europe and at all our hotels so that you can immediately update friends and family about your trip of a lifetime.

Tour-assist headsets

Part of our commitment to providing each one of our passengers with the best experience includes using the most contemporary technology. Our tour-assist headsets allow you to explore and roam each site without missing any of the information from your tour guide. The device has a range of 200 feet, allowing you to snap all the pictures you want without missing out on the wealth of information our guide is sharing.

Prices and departures guaranteed

Don’t worry about your costs going up unexpectedly. The prices we publish on our website and in the brochure stay the same regardless of economic events. Additionally, all of our departures are guaranteed, meaning there is no minimum number of participants that need to sign up for a given departure date. This means you can book your flights and put in for your vacation time at work resting assured that your tour will definitely take place.