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The offer is applied to the List Price. Full payment is due at the time of booking. This offer only applies to select tours shown in the list below, only applies to all-inclusive tours and explicitly does not apply to any D-Day Anniversary tour. This offer is not retroactive, cannot be combined with other promotions, rates or discounts and is available until October 7, 2019 or until a departure date sells out.

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5-day Normandy Invasion Tour
Mar 21 - Mar 25 │ $2,750│ $1,925 │ BOOK
Apr 11 - Apr 15 │ $2,750 │ $1,925 │ BOOK
Apr 18 - Apr 22 │ $2,750 │ $1,925 │ BOOK
Apr 25 - Apr 29 │ $2,750 │ $1,925 │ BOOK
May 9 - May 13 │ $2,750│ $1,925 │ BOOK
May 16 - May 20 │ $2,750 │ $1,925 │ BOOK
May 23 - May 27 │ $2,750 │ $1,925 │ BOOK
11-day Italian Campaign Tour
Apr 25 - May 5 │ $6 600 │ $4,620 │ BOOK
11-day Beyond Band of Brothers Tour
May 9 - May 19 │ $6 600 │ $4,620 │ BOOK
May 16 - May 26 │ $6 600 │ $4,620 │BOOK
May 23 - Jun 2 │ $6 600 │ $4,620 │ BOOK
8-day Battle of Britain Tour
May 25 - Jun 1 │ $6,000 │ $4,200 │ BOOK
Duxford Air Show Tour
May 17- May 24 │$6,000 │ $4,200 │ BOOK

New 8-day Battle of Britain Tour date to visit the Duxford Air Show 2020

We are happy to announce the launch of a new 8-day Battle of Britain Tour date visiting the famous Duxford Air Show in 2020: May 17-24

The Duxford Air Show is a popular annual event with historical aircraft taking to the air, and the 80th anniversary promises to be especially exciting. The 2020 show's exact date has recently been announced by the museum, and we at BBoB have decided to launch a new Battle of Britain Tour to give you a chance to participate.

Imperial War Museum Duxford is Britain's largest military aviation museum with close to 200 aircraft from various wars. It is located on the grounds of the old Duxford Aerodrome, which was built during the Great War. It was an important part of the nation's defensive infrastructure during the Battle of Britain. The U.S. Army Air Force used the same airfield to launch daytime bombing raids into Germany during the later stages of the war.

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We will remember such momentous occasions as the D-Day landings in Normandy or the Battle of the Bulge, both of which happened 76 years ago, the 80th anniversary of the Bombing of Pearl Harbor or the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. If you want to take part in these commemorations, don’t delay registering for too long as the tours attending these special events fill up very quickly. 

With guaranteed departures regardless the group size, booking your 2020 vacation early not only safe; it allows you to save double on your trip, as you can take care of your plane ticket far in advance with security. You will also have the advantage of our cancellation policy that offers a full refund up to 90 days before the tour, so you can sit back and count down the days before you hit the battlefields of your choice.


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