The birth of Beyond Band of Brothers

BBoB, founded by CEO Peter Gaal, has been organizing and running World War II-themed history tours since 2008. Over the past decade, they have grown to be America's leading WWII tour operator, running approximately 100 tours with several thousand passengers in 2019 alone. Today, the company offers a variety of World War II tours in Normandy, the UK, Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Hawaii and the Pacific region. The portfolio also includes Civil War and Revolutionary War tours in the U.S., World War One tours in Europe and Vietnam tours in Asia.

BBoB owes its existence to a family story that unfolded in 1944. With Soviet forces approaching from the east, Hungarian cavalry officer Major Béla Újházy defied German orders and decided to save the steeds of a local military stud farm from being butchered for food. He took the men and horses under his charge on a westward odyssey which came to an end near the German-Austrian border, where the group was found by General George S. Patton's Third U.S. Army.

In a little-known episode of history, Patton, an avid rider himself, made the soldiers an offer they couldn't refuse: they were allowed to live and care for the horses at a nearby farm, where American officers would use the studs for recreational riding. Újházy's son Dezső was 10 years old at the time and accompanied his father on the journey. His childhood diary about the post-war years eventually ended up in the hands of his own son, Peter Gaal.

Mr. Gaal, who previously worked in management positions at corporations such as IBM and Microsoft, was inspired by the diary to reach back to his family's European heritage and start up BBoB, launching the company's first World War II history tour in 2008.

Besides office in Tampa Bay, Florida, BBoB also maintains a European logistics and delivery office in Budapest, Hungary. The company's European tours are led by European tour managers working together with local historians and experts to provide a detailed and authentic explanation of events, bringing sites into an accurate historical and cultural context.

Travel Consultants

Our travel consultants are at your service in our sales office in Tampa, Florida. The consulting team has first-hand experience with the sights on our tours as well as relevant knowledge thanks to their backgrounds in history. Debra is Managing Director of Procom America, LLC, and represents the Procom family to our partners and customers in the United States.

To contact our travel consultants, write to or call us toll-free: 1-888-335-1996

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Our secure and guaranteed payment systems allow you to shop online with utmost confidence. Moreover, credit card companies carry joint responsibility for service guarantees, which provides a second layer of protection if you pay with a credit card. As a tour operator in the United States, we carry a mandatory surety bond in five states. Please find below our Seller of Travel Numbers. The Better Business Bureau has awarded us an A+ rating and collects customer reviews from our former passengers and continually monitors our performance. In short, we’ve got you covered.

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Hawaii AD: 1404

Memorial Park and Beyond Band of Brothers Hotel, Carentan

Beyond Band of Brothers' mission is to preserve the memory of the men who fought and died in World War II, and to ensure that future generations will have a chance to honor and be educated about the exploits of those American patriots who participated in this history-defining conflict. BBoB believes that visiting these battlefields is the best way to keep the memory of their sacrifice alive. D-Day took place 75 years ago, but the war's memory is still alive and relevant to those whose parents' and grandparents' lives were affected by it; BBoB intends to ensure that this memory will be just as relevant 75 years from now.

Over its decade of operation, the company realized that the tourism infrastructure near the American landing sectors is in need of improvement. While the British and Canadian beaches of Gold, Juno and Sword are well-served by hotels and memorials thanks the proximity of the UK and a high level of British historical interest, the regions of Omaha and Utah have been comparatively neglected due their remoteness from the United States. BBoB hopes that local infrastructural developments such as the construction of the new hotel and the battlefield memorial will encourage more Americans to visit Normandy and experience the places where U.S. military contributed to the downfall of the Nazi regime in Europe. The local government of the Community of Communes of the Cotentin Bay shares the company's vision of tourism development and has lent significant support to the hotel construction project.

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Beyond Band of Brothers Tours in the news

Beyond Band of Brothers
in the news

Interest in Beyond Band of Brothers Tours is growing every day and the media has taken notice. A television network interviewed us after we offered a free tour to a Korean War Veteran who had been left out to dry by a shady tour operator. Forbes Magazine did a profile about our company and our founder, Peter Gaal.
Here you can listen to our marketing director give a radio interview to The Informed Traveler.

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Simply put, we are the biggest and the best at what we do. In terms of Military Historical tours, no one comes close to offering the quality and quantity you get from us. Our truly all-inclusive tours are available all year round. All of our hotels and restaurants are tried and true, and our local knowledge is readily apparent. We have offices in the US and Europe, and our entire staff speaks fluent English. Book with us and you will feel the Procom difference.