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12-Day Islands of the Pacific and Okinawa Tour - 2017



Islands of the Pacific + Okinawa Tour

The War in the Pacific was a brutal fight on the seas and islands from Australia to Japan. A critical part of the battles took place on the islands of Guam, Tinian and Saipan, where American forces fought their way towards victory and the end of World War II. These three islands are US territories which are virtual outdoor museums where World War II heritage is alive and intact, with relics often in the place they were left more than 70 years ago. Caves, bunkers, wrecks, museums and historical parks dot the landscape, making the tour a microcosm of the entire Pacific Theater of War. Round off your experience with a few extended days on the island of Okinawa, where the Japanese dug in and held out in pillboxes, caves and even ancient royal castles in a last effort to keep Allied forces from their home islands.

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  • Mar 5, 2017 - Mar 16, 2017
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    Dec 11, 2017 - Dec 22, 2017
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Single supplement : $650


  • 11 nights’ accommodation at 4-star hotels
  • 11 breakfasts 10 lunches 11 dinners
  • Unlimited non-alcoholic beverages
  • Welcome drink and tour orientation
  • Airport transfers on first and last day of tour
  • Luxury coach transportation
  • Airfare from Guam to Saipan
  • Airfare for Tinian day trip
  • Airfare from Saipan to Okinawa
  • Local expert guiding
  • 24/7 tour manager
  • All museum admissions
  • Free Wi-Fi at hotels
  • Online access to personalized My Trip account
  • All taxes and credit card fees
  • All departures guaranteed


  • Passengers are greeted at Guam International Airport and transferred to the hotel. In the evening there is an introduction to the tour and a chance to get acquainted over a welcome drink.

  • No visit to Guam is complete without seeing the War in the Pacific National Historical Park. We spend the morning exploring the park. In the afternoon we visit Naval Base Guam and Asan and Agat beaches. Asan Beach contains many historic resources preserved from the war: Japanese gun emplacements, pillboxes, caves and tunnels on Asan Ridge.

  • We start off with a visit to Manenggon Concentration Camp and then head to explore some of the natural treasures of Guam, like Talofofo Falls, where Shoichi Yokoi hid in his cave for more than a quarter of a century after WWII ended.

  • We visit the South Pacific Memorial Peace Park, home of the Peace Memorial. We also spend the morning exploring Skinner Plaza, the Plaza De Espana, and an extensive Japanese cave system. After exploring the recently opened Guam Historical Museum, we fly to the island of Saipan, arriving just in time for dinner.

  • We explore a full day’s worth of World War II sites, including Airport Road, Agingan Point Bunker, Obyan Bunker, US 27th Infantry Memorial, Veterans Memorial, US WWII Soldiers Memorial, and a Japanese tank and bunker.

  • Our second full day in Saipan offers a visit to famous WWII sites on the northern shore of the island, including the spectacular Last Command Post, Banzai Cliff, and Suicide Cliff. We also stop to admire scenic points such as the Grotto and Bird Island Lookout. We then visit the Northern Marianas Museum of History and Culture, Old Japanese Jail, American Memorial Park, and Mount Tapocho.

  • During our day trip to Tinian we visit North Field, where the Enola Gay was loaded and launched onto its historic mission. Upon return to Saipan, we take a motorboat ride to discover sunken Sherman tanks.

  • We pack our bags and fly to Okinawa, arriving just in time to enjoy some traditional local food for dinner.

  • We start off our time on the island exploring the Peace Memorial Park and Museum. In the afternoon we head out to the battlefield where monuments mark notable events and sites such as the 44th Brigade Cave, where the Japanese reinforced and extended a natural cave with a sizeable tunnel system.

  • We start the day on the American invasion beaches and continue on to Hacksaw Ridge, an important part of the Japan’s Shuri Defence Ring. After a visit to the Battle of Okinawa Museum we explore the former Navy Underground Headquarters, which features access to several hundred yards of underground corridors and rooms that served as the Japanese Navy's HQ. We finish the day with a short visit to the Okinawa Prefectural Museum to learn more about the Okinawan culture.

  • The last full day of the tour is dedicated to Shuri, a district of the city of Naha, which is the royal capital of the Ryūkyū Kingdom. We visit a number of famous historical sites including Shuri Castle, Shureimon Gate, Sunuhyan-utaki and the Tamaudun Royal Mausoleum.

  • After saying goodbye, our guests are brought to Okinawa International Airport for their return flights.