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Prices presented are per person based on dual occupancy and include: first-class hotels with three meals per day (one meal on arrival and departure days), airport transfers on arrival and departure days, transportation with refreshments throughout the tour, museum entries and tour guiding. Our all-inclusive structure allows us to fill the days with more activities, especially considering the lack of dining options in many places. For these reasons, prices that exclude meals are unavailable. Triple room rates are available upon request.

All of our tours are offered at all-inclusive prices. We offer a discount from the list price to early-bird shoppers who complete payment three months in advance. A 10% deposit is required to secure space on the tour. There is also an option to book at the non-refundable rate, which affords the passenger a larger discount from the list price, but the full cost of the tour must be paid at the time of booking and no later than March 1 of the tour year. The two discounts may not be used in conjunction.

Prices do not include: extra drinks at dinner, extra hotel costs like mini-bar or pay-TV, costs resulting from a passenger failing to arrive at the pick-up location on time, or airfare to and from Europe. Prices are based on dual occupancy. Single travelers are asked to pay a supplemental fee of $500 on a 7-day tour, $650 on an 11-day tour, $900 on a 17- or 18-day tour, and $1,200 on a 24-day tour.

D-Day tour features interaction with World War II veterans, re-enactors in Normandy and access to D-Day celebrations.
Oktoberfest tour coincides with Oktoberfest in Munich

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Day 1: Passengers are greeted at the airport in Munich and transferred to our hotel.

Day 2: In the morning we visit the infamous Dachau camp, which features a full-scale museum detailing Nazi atrocities. In the afternoon a local guide leads us on a Third Reich tour of Munich. We experience the city as the birthplace of the Nazi Party, with visits to the official Nazi Headquarters and the location of the Beer Hall Putsch street battle.

Day 3: The day involves a trip to Berchtesgaden, site of Hitler’s Bavarian retreat and the Eagle’s Nest. We start with a scenic drive up to the Eagle’s Nest itself. We then pay a visit to Dokumentation Obersalzberg, an exhibit set atop the bunker complex that was to serve as the Nazis’ last stand.

Day 4: We travel to Nuremberg to visit the Nazi Rally Grounds, where the massive annual Nazi Party rallies were held to reinforce party enthusiasm and showcase the power of National Socialism. In the afternoon we explore the historical center of Nuremberg for a walking tour of the one-time capital of the Holy Roman Empire.

Day 5: We spend the morning visiting the Palace of Justice, site of the post-war Nuremberg Trials. In the afternoon we explore WWII sites in downtown Nuremberg followed by some free time.

Day 6: We travel to Munster to take in the unrivaled tank collection of the Panzer Museum. We then make our way to Hamburg to explore the city and its historical ports.

Day 7: We spend the morning exploring World War II-related sites in Hamburg such as St. Nicolai Church, Hamburg Harbor and an intact flak tower. Passengers then enjoy some free time.

Day 8: In the morning we travel to our final destination, the German capital of Berlin. We visit the House of the Wannsee Conference, where the details of the implementation of the Final Solution to the Jewish question were hashed out. We then tour the 1936 Olympic Stadium.

Day 9: We spend the morning visiting the German-Russian Museum in Berlin where Wilhelm Keitel signed the unconditional surrender on May 8, 1945. In the afternoon we explore Hitler’s Berlin, his plans for Germania and sites related to the fall of the Third Reich. Famous landmarks include the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate and the site of Hitler’s bunker.

Day 10: The Cold War is explored in the morning, with visits to Checkpoint Charlie, the Berlin Wall and Treptower Park. Our guests have free time in the afternoon to roam this surprisingly green city and its myriad of sites.

Day 11: After saying goodbye, our guests are transferred to the airport for their return flights.

A sign displayed across the entrance to one of the barracks of Auschwitz I. The Germans called up everything they had in the Ardennes. <br/> This soldier was riding an anti-tank bicycle with two Panzerfausts in the Battle of the Bulge. The first Beyond Band of Brothers tour group of 2012 at Place McAuliffe, the main square of Bastogne<br/> and its landmark Sherman tank from the 10th Armoured Division